HART was a retro heavy metal project led by the lead singer of the Norwegian glam metal band SEKS.  When SEKS broke up, lead singer Vitne founded HART with fellow SEKS bandmate Steen Larsen and German guitarist Julian Angel, recording and releasing their album "The Conqueror" in September of 2012. The album was recorded to sound like it was from the early 80s with influences like early Twisted Sister and Judas Priest. About the album, one reviewer wrote: "It’s as if they have formed an 80’s tribute band but wrote their own songs" (VENTS Magazine).

The band parted in early 2013 as singer Vitne began work on his solo Vitne project. Julian has continued to work closely with Vitne and can be heard on nearly all of Vitne's songs, and Steen has gone on to record a few guitar parts as well.